“Here the Kings and Queens of Egypt could remain immortal. Or so they thought. - Omar Sharif, Narrator

Mysteries of Egypt

NARRATOR: Our story begins with a death…

The Story

Omar Sharif tells us about King Tut.

The Backstory

The above may be one of the few lines of mine that can be heard in this IMAX film. The tale is this: I had just completed writing Forbidden Territory for National Geographic (the story of Stanley’s search for Livingstone) and they were so pleased that they asked me to do a script polish on their first IMAX film, a movie about Egypt. The script that I was sent needed to be streamlined and corrected for grammar – (there was one grammatical fix that the writer-director for some reason refused to put in the movie, so that there is a misplaced modifier glaringly present in the final cut) – and I joke that the final version of the film contains about 17 words of mine. But my wife and I got a trip to Egypt out of it, which was worth it. All in all, this was one of the easiest gigs I ever had.

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