World Without End

World Without End DVD(Caris kneels beside Mother Cecilia, who is dying of the plague.)

MOTHER CECILIA: I’m not afraid – I’m curious. I hope he’s merciful, and I didn’t get it all wrong.

CARIS: (smiling) Mostly right, I should think.


CARIS: I didn’t want –


(Caris does.)

MOTHER CECILIA: You must, of course, take my place. I told Sister Mair to insist on it. If the vote isn’t unanimous I shall be very cross.

CARIS: I can’t take your place –

MOTHER CECILIA: You’re the only one who can.

CARIS: You’re forgetting one thing.

MOTHER CECILIA: That you lost your faith? There isn’t a true believe who doesn’t go through a long dark night. Let God work through you, building our hospice and writing your book – and one other thing. Once I’m dead, you must examine me. My insides, I mean.

CARIS: It’s forbidden, Mother.

MOTHER CECILIA: I don’t care what the Church says in this regard, or even if I burn in Purgatory, so long as it saves lives. Do it.

THE STORY: An adaptation of Ken Follett’s sequel to The Pillars of the Earth.

THE BACKSTORY: A much more difficult challenge than Pillars, this became an experience quite the opposite of its predecessor. I’m surprised that it came out as well as it did.