Mysteries of Egypt

film mysteries of egyptNARRATOR: Our story begins with a death…

THE STORY: Omar Sharif tells us about King Tut.

THE BACKSTORY: The above may be one of the few lines of mine that can be heard in this IMAX film. The tale is this: I had just completed writing Forbidden Territory for National Geographic (the story of Stanley’s search for Livingstone) and they were so pleased that they asked me to do a script polish on their first IMAX film, a movie about Egypt. The script that I was sent needed to be streamlined and corrected for grammar – (there was one grammatical fix that the writer-director for some reason refused to put in the movie, so that there is a misplaced modifier glaringly present in the final cut) – and I joke that the final version of the film contains about 17 words of mine. But my wife and I got a trip to Egypt out of it, which was worth it. All in all, this was one of the easiest gigs I ever had.

Mysteries Of Egypt part1 (3-1) by The-Logic-Solution