The Pillars of the Earth

THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH – EPISODE 1 from Maria Grazia on Vimeo.

PHILIP: The cathedral is not yet finished. Nor will it ever be. Just as human perfection is something we strive for and never attain, so this church will forever be growing, changing, crumbling at times – an ongoing legacy of our poor efforts to touch God. A cathedral, my friends, is neither stone, nor statures, nor even a place of prayer. It is a continuum of creation, beautiful work that pray God will never end.


An eight-hour adaptation of Ken Follett’s novel.

The Pillars of the Earth


Suffice it to say that this was by far the most wonderful experience I have yet had in television, with an extraordinary cast, director, producers, and the generous Mr. Follett. And I got to act in it too. It is the adaptation I am most proud of.